Employee Theft:- Pays for loss of money, securities and other property caused by theft by an employee

Forgery or Alteration:- Pays for loss involving checks, drafts,promissory notes, or similar written promises when the orders ordirections to pay the sum in money is as a result of forgery and/oralterations

Theft, Disappearance and Destruction:- Pays for the loss of money andsecurities inside your premises or a banking premises when the loss iscaused by theft, disappearance or destruction

Robbery and Safe Burglary: - Pays for a loss due to an actual orattempted robbery of property other than money and securities insideand outside the premises. Property other than money and securities iscovered while outside the premises and only in the care and custody ofa messenger. Coverage inside the premises is for loss or damageresulting form robbery of a custodian or from safe burglary.

Computer Fraud: - Pays for loss or damage to money, securities, andother property resulting from the use of any computer to fraudulentlycause a transfer of that property from inside the premises, or bankingpremises, to someone (other than a messenger) or somewhere outside thepremises.

Funds Transfer Fraud: - Pays for losses resulting from the intentionaltaking of money or securities through fraudulent instructions to afinancial institution to transfer, pay or deliver money or securities.

Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper: - Pays for losses resulting fromyour having accepted in good faith, in exchange for merchandise, moneyor services, money orders that are not paid upon presentation orcounterfeit paper currency that is acquired during the regular courseof business.

Faithful Performance of Duties:- Pays for a loss from the failure of anemployee to perform duties prescribed by law, if the failure to performhas a direct and immediate loss of money, securities and other property

Investigation Costs: - Pays reasonable expenses incurred inestablishing the existence and amount of any direct loss in excess ofthe deductible.