Cyber Liability

While the Memorandum of Coverage has always provided full limits of coverage for third-party cyber liability relating to data breaches, in 2015 the SAFER members realized more protection was necessary for this evolving risk. The SAFER Board of Directors voted to incorporate the first party property coverage that generally constitutes the majority of costs for member districts following a data breach incident, such as:

  • Notification law requirements of those affected by the breach
  • Setting up Call Centers
  • IT Forensics
  • Public Relations Support

Along with the comprehensive coverage afforded to all members, there are a number of risk management resources provided to NCR members. These services include:

  • Online Compliance materials
  • Data Security Best Practices
  • Newsletters and instant alerts
  • 24/7 Specialist Support
  • Breach Coach Services following a data security incident
Cyber Liability