Claims Services

We believe that the best claim results are achieved through aggressive, hands-on claims file management. Critical aspects of our program include interaction with NCR members, involving our clients in the decision making processes of their claims, providing complete support functions such as computerized loss runs, management of trust accounts, claim reserves and expenditure information for monthly financial statements. Our dedicated, experienced staff does not treat a claim as just another loss, but as a situation which must be aggressively handled to provide the most beneficial resolution to our client? interests.

In coordination with the NCR member, Keenan & Associates carefully and specifically assigns investigators, attorneys and other vendors and provides them with specific instructions on what work is to be performed. This has enabled us to be very successful in obtaining numerous defense verdicts, summary judgments, demurrers without leave to amend and dismissals with prejudice through our aggressive claims handling. Keenan & Associates does not abandon the management and resolution of a claim to defense counsel when a case goes to litigation. Rather, we continue to manage the file through final resolution.

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