Member Benefits - Tools

NCR has several tools and resources available to its members to aid in their risk management efforts and to contain costs.

P&C Bridge

P&C Bridge is a secure, web based portal that provides property and casualty risk management and business related resources at your fingertips.
  • Stay apprised of current events and changes in the legislature with regularly updated articles and briefings.
  • Run reports to analyze your property and liability claims. 
  • Keenan U provides risk management best practices in all areas that touch educational environments
  • Access to underwriting data including property values and fleet schedules.
Keenan SafeSchools

Keenan SafeSchools is an online safety training and tracking tool used to address the specific occupational, environmental, and social hazards of a school district. Keenan SafeSchools has over 98 property and liability training modules with new modules added regularly.  Make training effective and convenient, maximizing your time and your employees' time.  All training materials are 100% school specific and set in a school environment.  The system also allows tracking of live training sessions and district specific policies.


Find real-world, practical information that school districts and colleges can use to make smart risk management decisions for over 125 topics from Africanized Honey Bees to Zoos.  Information on new topics is added regularly.

Special Education Resource Center

As Special Education programs continue to command budgetary dollars, the Special Ed Resource Center is designed to help districts reduce risks for students and employees, while simultaneously improving the delivery of programs and services.  The Special Ed Resource Center provides you with a wide range of training, best practices, guidelines, purchasing guides and legal resources.

Schools SDS

Schools SDS is an online material safety data sheet management system that will organize, update and store your chemical inventory lists and SDS into virtual binders. Virtual binders can then be printed onto neatly organized physical binders with a few clicks.  In the event of an employee injury due to chemicals, the SDS can be sent immediately to the treating physician.